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Rainbow Drone Services is a Singapore based company.

We established to help companies with aerial solutions such as Building Façade Inspection, 2D/3D Mapping & Surveying, and Aerial Photography/Videography.



In this fast paced living environment, technology is advancing much faster.

Using an unmanned aircraft and allowing it to do its work for humans, is definitely time-saving, cost efficiency on manpower and accurate. 

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Our Mission

We aim to provide the best innovative productivity and be one of the leading company worldwide.

Why choose us?

In Singapore, it is illegal to operate an unmanned aircraft (drone) without a valid license or permit. All drone operators are to possessed an Operator Permit & an Activity Permit under various government sector in order to carry out any works. When you choose us, we adhered to the law and stringent guidelines as imposed while delivering the best of our ability with good results.

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